New Years Resolutions: Pilot Style

Start off 2020 with some resolutions that are FUN! I don’t know about you, but when I make New Year’s resolutions, they always seem to inflict pain. One year, I had this great idea to start an exercise program called P90X (don’t do it). Not only did I basically die, but I couldn’t do everyday functions like get on and off the toilet for an entire week – after ONE workout!

New Year resolution lists should be fun and obtainable! Here are some great ideas to get you off the ground.

  • Get in the AIR! Life always seems to get in the way. Right now is the perfect time to jump back in the saddle. Call a buddy or your flight instructor to go up and get some seat time. You don’t need to start off with a BFR and stress out – make it FUN!
  • Challenge yourself. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and just DO IT. Have you always wanted to get your instrument rating? Seaplane rating? Tailwheel endorsement? Sometimes you have to just make the phone call and book it. Another way to motivate yourself to start a new rating that can be challenging is to set aside time away from the chaos of work or home. Do you want to accomplish your instrument rating, but work and family life can be super busy? Talk to your significant other about setting aside 2 appointments per week where you can go focus and fly. If you establish a timeline and a schedule, I bet they can help pick up the slack so you can accomplish one of your goals.
  • Let the crosswind be with you. I am one with the crosswind. The crosswind is with me. We all had that point in our training where the crosswind was our nemesis. If it still is something you fight with, now is the time to conquer it! What’s the best way to get over something? Hit it head on!
  • Fly more = Fly Safe. It’s inevitable, the more we do something, the better we get. Same goes with flying. If you are the type that only flies every couple months, try to make it a goal to fly more! The more you fly, the more proficient you will become. Make it fun by doing breakfast or lunch every Sunday with other pilot friends.
  • Be a mentor. How did you get into flying? Did someone take you to the airport and give you your first airplane ride? Did you receive a discovery flight? Whatever it was, it gave you the bug! Help pass the bug on and promote youth in aviation.
  • Stop being the introverted pilot. Attend aviation events near you! There are always things happening at an airport near you.
    • Check out the local shops/flight schools. For example, we have BBQ’s and get togethers every so often. Not only will you get to know the company and the people involved, but you can gain a ton of knowledge!
    • Go to a Fly-In. If you own an airplane, I’ll bet someone will talk to you about it. Who doesn’t like talking about airplanes? Non the less, you will be around other people you have one major thing in common-aviation. You are bound to strike a conversation with someone.
    • Join and keep up with events going on around you.
  • Start a health kick. I’m not talking about the crazy P90X I almost became a statistic from, but just something simple like going on daily walks and making better eating choices. A healthy pilot is a sharp pilot! We all know that eating something healthy before any activity helps sharpen the brain and our reflexes. (Now I am starting to sound like my mother.) PLUS, we will lower our risk on losing our medicals!
  • Volunteer. Every time I have helped someone, it fills my heart with joy. We are so lucky to be in a country that we can FLY AIRPLANES. If we could give back some of our good fortune to others, it makes aviation even more meaningful.
  • Wings – Pilot proficiency program. Join the Wings program by the FAA and keep up with your skills. The objective of the WINGS Program is to address the primary accident causal factors that continue to plague the general aviation community.

What’s on your list?

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Beechcraft Bonanza V35TC Rebuild or Part Out?

Propellerhead Aviation, in conjunction with Fast Aviation and HangarSwap, will be restoring this V35TC Beechcraft Bonanza OR parting it out – all depending on the initial inspection and cost assessment.  Follow us for the technical aspects of this Beechcrafts fate.

Delivered and unloaded at Propellerhead Aviation

Upon arrival at Propellerhead the fuselage was carefully hoisted off the trailer and placed on the floor.  Unfortunately, we DO NOT have the genuine Beech fuselage jack which would make things a lot easier so we’ll adapt and fabricate a similar structure to support and manipulate the fuselage until the wings are installed.

The next order of business is to gather all information on the airframe, engine and propeller.

Here are the airframe specifics:

N4881J 1966 V35TC SN: D-8359

It appears to be somewhat of a rare model of the V35 being a first year factory turbocharged unit with Beech building only 79 airframes during the 1966-1967 timeframe.

Does anyone have the data to determine which of these year airframes are still flying?

Watch this video and help us determine whether or not this airplane should be restored or sold for parts.

Questions? Email bill@propellerheadaviation or