Propellerhead Aviation Takes Over Sanford

October 2018, Propellerhead Aviation began operating at our new location in Sanford, Florida at KSFB. The new Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Training facilities are based at the Orlando Sanford International Airport’s Southeast Ramp. The Orlando Sanford airport is passionate about aviation. The airport works hard with the local community and area schools to promote aviation and actively help to establish career paths for the next generation. This aligns with our goals as a company, alongside providing a range of support and services for the general aviation industry, doing our part to help keep GA alive and growing. Add to that the increased need for general aviation maintenance on the field, and Sanford was the perfect choice for the company’s relocation.

NEW Services: Parts – Transport – Ferry

Propellerhead Aviation is excited to announce an expansion of services, with both aircraft parts sales and transport. We recently welcomed to the Propellerhead team, Rachel Lietzke and Joshua Fraustro, formerly of Fast Aviation in Geneva, Florida. Their years of experience and knowledge in the aircraft parts and transport business will be a welcome addition to our growing facility. If you’re in the market for serviceable or new aircraft parts, or need an aircraft relocated by ground transport or ferried by air, Propellerhead Aviation can help. Our maintenance technicians can travel to your location and safely disassemble your aircraft for transport. Propellerhead also offers aircraft ferrying for maintenance limited to the cost of fuel.

Last Chance to Save Double on ADS-B at Propellerhead

December 31st 2019 is just around the corner, and many pilots have not yet pulled the trigger on installations of ADS-B equipment to certify their aircraft for upcoming airspace requirements slated to go in effect on January 1st of 2020. Many aircraft owners have voiced concern over the costs required for becoming ADS-B compliant utilizing most transponders visible on the market. In reality there are ADS-B transmitters available that fit into any budget. Propellerhead Aviation can help you determine the best hardware installation for your aircraft.

On October 12, 2018, the FAA restarted their ADS-B Rebate Program that will allow aircraft owners to get $500 back on the installation of any ADS-B Out transponder or transmitter purchased after the program start date. Looking to save even more? Propellerhead Aviation can install ADS-B hardware in your aircraft during annual when interiors and inspection covers are already removed. This saves on time and money when the aircraft interiors are already opened up and accessible. Contact us to learn more.

Propellerhead Flight Training Expands Beyond Expectations

Propellerhead Aviation continues to offer flight training services at the Orlando Sanford airport. With the move to Sanford we took over management of Crosswind Flight Training, an established flight school based on the field that began operations in 2011. The merging of our two flight schools has expanded our aircraft fleet available to student and solo renters. Additional instructors are now on hand for new students looking to get started.

As always, Propellerhead Aviation offers both traditional and accelerated flight training options to fit the needs of any given student. We offer students a dedicated instructor who work one on one with them through the duration of their training. Our accelerated programs offer a pathway to students who have the time available to rapidly complete individual training for private pilot, commercial, or instrument rating in just a few weeks time.

Stop Endless Leaks with Mooney Fuel Bladders

Leaky fuel tanks have been a big problem for Mooney owners. Wet wing style tanks are difficult to reseal properly and can often require months of downtime to get the job done right. Propellerhead Aviation has teamed up with Griggs Aircraft of Pennsylvania to offer our customers an alternative option to traditional Mooney tank resealing. The Griggs Aircraft/O&N fuel system is made up of individual bags or bladders. The base system includes 6 bladders with a fuel capacity of 54.8 gallons, and a 2-bag add-on for 64 gallons total. This covers Mooney M20 models C, D, E, G, F and J. The installation of this bladder fuel system saves on down time and offers protection against developing serious leaks in the future. The benefit of the bladder system is that each individual bag can easily be replaced if a leak is to develop in that bag over time.

The original system consists of six fuel bladders. Three bladders are interconnected in each of the wet-wing bays. Using three cells rather than one large bladder prevents the movement of fuel during flight. The aircraft is modified slightly with the addition of a new, larger vent and lightning-proof fuel caps. Existing gauges are used, adjusted for accuracy. The cells are constructed of heavy-duty vulcanized neoprene and nylon, and the entire installation comes with a five-year warranty. If you’re considering a change to the bladder system, give us a call to learn more!