Traditional or Accelerated Flight Training

Become A Pilot In As Quick As 2 Weeks*

Come and learn to fly at Propellerhead Aviation. Whether you want to train at a slower pace or rapidly accelerate your training, we have a program solution to meet your needs. For those looking to train quickly, our Accelerated Professional Pilot Program is the ideal solution. It’s a full-time, intensive study which takes men and women with little or NO previous flight experience through the FAA Private Pilot certification. Continue on to Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot certification and Multi-Engine Rating. You’ll be on the fast track to becoming a private pilot in as quick as 2 weeks*.

Estimated Cost


*Private Accelerated in the C-150 without accommodations

*Time is based on your availability and the cost includes EVERYTHING. (tests, books, headset rental, study materials and check ride)

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Pricing & Options

Flight Instruction
in our Cessna 150


Flight Instruction
in our Cessna 172M


Private Accelerated
in our Cessna 150


Private Accelerated
in our Cessna 172M


Instrument Accelerated
in our Cessna 172M


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Our Aircraft

Cessna 150C

The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear aircraft developed for flight training, touring and personal use. It’s the fifth most produced general aviation aircraft, with over 23,000 built.

Aircraft Specifications

$89/hr wet

Cessna 172M

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company. First flown in 1955, more 172s have been built than any other aircraft.

Aircraft Specifications

$135/hr wet

Commercial Rating – Accelerated!

We can finish your commercial rating FAST and affordable. Affordable time building options available should you require hours.

Click on the button below to email us with your current hours and we will build a custom plan for you and get you a quote asap.

CFI- Certified Flight Instructor

Want to finish up a CFI Rating? We are the fastest in getting you finished quickly as practical and keeping you focused on what needs to be completed on a day to day basis.

We can finish up your CFI in minimum time to get you out there flying and racking up hours instructing new students.

With our accommodations and total immersion method you will learn and retain more than super formal schools where time is wasted on excessive administrative chores.

Click on the button below to email us with a brief description of your experience and timeframe and
we will be in contact to make a plan of attack asap. Please make sure to include estimate hours.

Did you Know…

There’s Soon To Be A Shortage of Pilots

The airline industry is facing one of the most severe pilot shortages ever. In fact, thousands of civilian pilots are needed in the next few years to meet the airlines’ demands for pilots. Why? Many pilots are reaching the mandatory retirement age and there is not enough new pilots to take their place.

By 2029, there is an expected 466,650 pilots to be hired.
Right now there is an increased demand for pilots and it is growing!
We Help With…
Job Placement
We Help With…
Housing & Financial Aid
We Help With…
A Variety of Pilot Resources

Being A Pilot Is Rewarding and Exciting

Growing up you imaged being able to fly. Now that dreamed can be realized by becoming a pilot. This exciting career not only pays well but has many other benefits as well.

Benefits Going With Propellerhead Aviation

  • More experienced instructors, Propellerhead employs senior career instructors that have thousands of hours dual given
  • Accelerated training at its best given by Propellerhead instructors who have been teaching accelerated training for several years
  • One on one instructing tailored to your needs, once your Propellerhead instructor is assign to you, they will be responsible for you and no one else until you successfully completed your training
  • Winter Haven Airport is a small uncontrolled airport with a friendly atmosphere and modern conveniences offering more flexibility in training
  • You can fly safe with Propellerhead we maintain and service all our own aircraft to high standards and are regarded in the industry as having one of the best maintenance facilities in the area. Safety is our number one priority.

We’re Dedicated to Helping You Become A Pilot

  • Discover the pilot lifestyle
  • Learn about different pilot career paths
  • Find out what training is required
  • Evaluate flight training options
  • Set goals and plan your future

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