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Our Various Pilot Programs

Discovery Flight

Learn to fly with an introductory lesson!
*Book before March 31 for this special low rate

Accelerated Flight Training

This is an intensive two week flight training method that will prepare you for the FAA practical check ride and oral test. You will have all day everyday access to an instructor and aircraft dedicated solely to teaching you all the components of your targeted rating. No matter what your time constraints we are able to accommodate intensive training sessions that will save you considerable money and time. Being fully immersed in the material shortens training duration and creates powerful positive habits that will develop you into a safe proficient pilot.

Rusty Pilot Refresher Courses

If you have been out of the cockpit for a while and are looking to get up in the sky once again we can help you once again become a safe, conscientious and proficient pilot. Our Rusty pilot course will take you through all the steps necessary to become current again. We will walk you through obtaining a current medical certificate, update you on all the newest FAA regulations and work with you until you have the confidence to once again take to the air.

Private Pilot Certificate

Obtaining a Private Pilot rating is step one to beginning your career as a professional pilot. This rating will allow you to fly your own personal aircraft for private, business or charitable use.




40 hours aircraft rental
40 hours ground instruction
Books and written material
FAA Practical Check Ride fee

Optional items not included: (note: some may not be required for your situation)

TSA Application Fee
TSA Fingerprints
FAA medical
IPAD, Flight calculator or E6B Headset ( rental available)

Hourly cost flight training

172 Rental $135 Hr wet. Instruction rate $65 hr

(IFR) Instrument Pilot

Want to become a safer pilot? An IFR rating will provide guaranteed traffic separation and less anxiety about the weather. Become a proficient Instrument Pilot by taking either our accelerated course or finishing up your Instrument rating. We provide one on one instruction and full immersion using real world scenarios and actual IFR flying. From picking up an enroute IFR clearance to dealing with weather and emergencies Propellerhead will carefully teach you all the tools and knowledge required for your practical check ride and to be a confident Instrument Pilot.

Other Programs Available Are:

Commercial Pilot
Professional Pilot Program
Certified Flight Instructor

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