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Pre-Purchase Inspections – Why You Need to Have an Inspection

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Pre-Purchase Quotes and General Tips and Advice

Pre-purchase inspections or “prebuy” is an examination of components, systems, maintenance records and expensive parts that could need immediate replacement or overhaul.

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This “inspection” is not an inspection in the regulatory sense but more an examination of the aircraft to determine immediate maintenance needs and costs associated. The Pre-Purchase Inspections Includes the following points:

      1. Full color comprehensive report with photos and a breakdown of the inspection.
      1. A cost analysis.
      1. Hidden damage identification.
      1. Corrosion identification.
      1. Undocumented repairs and “Damage History”
      1. Buyer negotiation advice and support.
      1. Engine compression test results.
      1. Component “in service” times.
      1. Oil filter metal inspection.
      1. Test Flight!

The Aircraft Buying Process:

What you are paying for: The main reason for pre-purchase inspections is to acquire information that will enable you to make a educated decision. Maybe the airplane turns out to have a major issue and you have to find another. Even if this happens multiple times, you will still be far ahead of the game by not purchasing a aircraft that has a bad engine and requires 30K of maintenance to bring it up to airworthy status. Most prebuys typically save the buyer $5000 -$7000.

By telling us what kind of aircraft model you’re looking for we can search and help find potential aircraft that you may be interested in. We can help point out common mechanical issues associated between airframe manufacturers.

Once you have honed in on a possibility we will review the logbooks before the pre-purchase inspection is done – no charge – just to verify any obvious issues with engine component times or obvious logbook discrepancies.

Hidden Damage: During the pre-purchase inspection the aircraft will be scoured for signs of hidden damage or damage that was not properly documented when it was repaired.

Know your utility. Finding the correct airplane for your mission or utility is a critical step in determining what aircraft possibilities may exist. If you are having a hard time deciding what airplane would best fit your mission we can help analyze your situation and provide recommendations based on each aircrafts capabilities.

Engine times:

There are a couple different types of engine times that are important to understand when buying an airplane

      • Engine total time -(TSN) this is the time since the engine has officially had a complete rebuild by the aircraft manufacture. All parts are measured to new tolerances.
      • Time Since Major Overhaul (TSMO) this is the time since the engine was disassembled, and had the parts measured for minimum acceptable limits.
      • Calendar time – This is the number of years in calendar time since the engine has been overhauled. When scoping out a potential aircraft these times are very important. A engine with low time since overhaul may seem like a good buy -however if it has more than 15 years calendar time since the last overhaul it may need to be overhauled again due to internal corrosion factors.
      • Travel – we travel across all 50 states to perform pre-purchase inspections. The customer is responsible for airfare and transportation expenses.

See this video that will 100% explain why you need a pre purchase inspection.  This is kinda funny but its a super accurate situation that happens quite often when purchasing an aircraft. The plane has issue, the owner is aware, and its totally up to the buyer to determine the value of the aircraft.

View a sample Pre-purchase inspections report here: Pre-purchase Inspections Report

For pre-purchase quotes and general tips and advice  Click Here

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