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Aircraft Annual Inspections

An annual inspection must be completed and properly endorsed by a mechanic with an inspection authorization within a 12 month period.

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Aircraft Fuel Tank Reseal Service Button

Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspections

Need a pre-buy inspection done on a potential aircraft purchase?

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New Aircraft Engine Installations Button

Aircraft Repair

Installing a new aircraft engine not only has to be successfully installed but certified as well.

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Aircraft Containerization and Export Button

Aircraft Parts & Transport

We stock an inventory of new and used aircraft parts and offer a range of aircraft transport services by both ground and air.

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Florida Airplane Rental Cessna Button

Florida Airplane Rental Cessna

We offer Cessna rentals with a short checkout ride with one of our qualified flight instructors.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking at purchasing an aircraft but would like to have it inspected? We offer pre-purchase inspections as a service.

Propellerhead Is The Most Trusted Aviation Company in Central Florida.Serving aircraft maintenance needs in Sanford, Orlando, Daytona and nearby Central Florida areas.

24 Hour On-Call Aircraft Maintenance, Service, and Repairs
We provide 24 hours, on-call aircraft maintenance, service and repair in Sanford, Florida and surrounding locations. If you need immediate aircraft service in Sanford, Orlando or nearby Central Florida areas, please call us any time, day or night.24 Hour On-Call Aircraft MaintenanceCall (888) 777-7207

Our Personal 100% GuaranteePropellerhead Aviation GUARANTEES the best annual / 100 hour inspection rates in Central Florida, plus free ferry service or transportation to and from our shop. Also, our Pre-Buy / Pre-Purchase Inspections SAVE YOU MONEY. We’ll find problems before they become an issue. A good pre-buy inspection can save you thousands. Let us help you find & negotiate the best deal on your new airplane.

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Learn the ins and outs of annual inspections
Detect problems early before they become serious
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